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Our Most Frequently Asked Questions

1. When are your opening times?

Mon-Fri: 0830 – 1700, Sat: 0830 – 1200, Sun: closed.

2. How are you daily rates applied?

Our proprietary and self-adapting pricing algorithms are based on

  • Length of Hire
  • Type Of Vehicle
  • Time Of Year

How it works exactly is top secret!

3. I want to pick up very early Saturday & drop the vehicle off on the Sunday. Is this possible?

As the depot would be closed, you have the option to pick up on Friday between 1600 & 1700 and drop it off on a Monday between 0830 & 0900 and only a 2 day rate would apply.

4. Can you deliver?

Yes we can at an extra cost but there is a minimum of a 3 day hire requirement. We will also collect.

5. What happens if I damage the vehicle?

Insurance is included within the vehicle hire, however there would be an excess fee applied.